Certified Professional Cable Installation Services

Serving Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge and Southern Ontario

We specialize in a wide variety of data and voice cabling installations
Data Cabling Cat5e,Cat6 or Cat6a Installations. Sales, Service, Troubleshooting and Testing.
Voice & Phone Cabling Cat3,25-pair,Cat5e,Cat6 or Cat6a Installation. Sales, Service, Troubleshooting and Testing.
Fiber Optic Cabling Single Mode Fiber, Multi-Mode Fiber, outdoor and indoor installations. Sales, Service, Troubleshooting and Testing.
Audio Visual Cabling HDMI, Speakers, Paging System, 70v amplifier systems and TV mounting solutions.

Professional Installation

Our team of experienced and reliable cable installers can meet your requirements on time and on budget. We have been serving the network cabling and wiring needs of commercial and residential clients in Ontario for over 10 years. Whether you need a voice and data cabling project or VoIP system install, there are plenty of reasons to use our services. Our installers are fully insured. Clients can receive insurance certificates upon request.

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Our installers are fully insured, WSIB compliant, Have Working at Heights Training and Aerial Lift Training.


Data Cabling - Our data cabling installation uses Cat5E,Cat6 or Cat6a cabling tested to current industry standards TIA/EIA-568A/B with certification reports, communication racking systems/cabinets, patch panels, cable management, grounding and bonding, network design services, pre-installation layouts as well as Add/Move/Changes. For existing cabling installations we offer testing, troubleshooting and panel/workstation re-terminations.


Voice & Phone Cabling For telephone systems, the minimum standard is Cat3 cables terminated with BIX punch blocks, however Cat5E and Cat6. Structured Cabling Solution tested to current industry standards TIA/EIA-568A/B will allow for current analog phone systems as well as Voice over IP systems. In addition, we are able to connect these systems through Bell Canada, Rogers Communications, or other existing service providers.


Fiber Optic Cabling - Larger installations requiring more than one Cross-Connection point typically require fiber optic cabling due to bandwidth and distance limitations. Indoor/Outdoor/ Armored, Single-mode/Multi-mode, fibre strand count (2 to 144) and SC/ST/LC connections are a few of the design considerations. We offer professional network design, installation, termination and testing of fibre optic networks.


Audio Visual Cabling - Home theaters, board rooms and multi-media displays require the highest quality audio and video capabilities with multiple connection types such as VGA, HDMI, Display Port and Coaxial for video, RCA, 3.5mm and XLR for audio and USB2, USB3, PS2 and Ethernet for devices and internet. Installation and termination of these cables from a central point to multimedia plates throughout the home allows for a variety of configurations and connectivity options.

We proudly back our work with a 25 Year Factory Backed System guarantee on all data network cabling.

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We appreciate OnSite's flexibility Thanks very much for OnSite's contribution to our great, new Waterloo facility. We appreciate OnSite's flexibility and your ability to translate our business and development needs into a physical network foundation that enables our agile process for internal network change
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Great to Work With Super friendly service and great to work with especially if you have multiple contractors on-site.
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An excellent experience for our team Working with the team at Onsite has been an excellent experience for our team. They are expert, helpful and always responsive which enables us to focus on working on behalf of our store owners and not have to worry about our technology needs.
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Exceptional Customer Service

We are very adamant about building a strong trusting relationship with our customers and have grown as a business through honesty, trust and referrals.
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